Mold temperature control

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We are your reference specialist in temperature control management for injection molds!

Project workflow:
project scheduling
construction and design
preparation of insert blanks
The result:
A mold insert that meets the highest standards of product quality and efficiency.

Contura - Firmengebäude

We take care of the planning, construction and production of the injection moulding tool, to ensure optimum use. We are of course by your side to provide consultation during ongoing operation.

During mould temperature control, the focus is always on economy and quality. CONTURA has the most modern procedures for the production of the mould.

In the following 111 seconds you will get an impression of what we can do for you.



We see ourselves as a kind of universal tool in the field of mold temperature control. As our client, you inform us of your requirements for the final molded part - and we take care of everything else.

Take advantage of our many years of experience of manufacturing contour-following mold temperature controls.

The Task
You, our client, give us all the relevant data and information - after that, we take care of the rest…

Project planning
CONTURA's experienced specialists create a solution for you…

Construction of the mold temperature control now takes place using modern CAD systems…

Even before manufacture starts, we can show you an anima- ted simulation - the positive effects of mold temperature control are already visible…

When manufacturing your blank, we are not limited to certain processes. Thanks to our many strong partners, we can se- lect the optimal manufacturing process for your requirements. This is how you, the customer, benefit…

Quality management
As a certified company, we assure you of the best possible quality at all times…

Finished blank
We send you the finished blank. Starting now, you benefit from a shorter cycle time, improved quality for your product, and, as a result, an optimised production process…

After-sales service
Of course, even after the purchase, we are here to answer any questions that you may have.


Don't waste any more time searching for a good production process – we are offering the perfect solution for you!

We use the most varied processes when manufacturing your mould inserts.

For years we have been using special high-temperature joining techniques to achieve maximum quality in the component and its properties.

For certain components, the modern "selective laser melting (SLM)" technique is an absolutely attractive alternative. Geometries that just a few years ago were practically inconceivable are possible. Laser melting is a "formless" manufacturing process and can result in considerable cost, material and time savings.

We at CONTURA are thought to be the only manufacturers of tempered mould inserts, who can offer you the best of both of these worlds from a single source.

Here you can see a few examples. These have been manufactured using the SLM process.

Contura - SLM Verfahren Bild 1

Contura - SLM Verfahren Bild 2

Variothermic processing - exemplary

Benefits of variothermic processing
Taking the example of a plastic mobile phone holder, we have highlighted the advantages of alternating temperature control for you.

Contura - Handyhalter

This means:
• reject rate reduced to a minimum
• reduction in cycle time
• Elimination of subsequent coating or foil back injection to achieve high-gloss surfaces
• Elimination of mechanical post-processing (e.g. balancing rotational solids)

Contura---Wechseltemperierung-Bild-1   Contura---Wechseltemperierung-Bild-2 engl

Watch here a video of the test setup.


Variothermic prosessing in use
Here you can see the changes in temperature, recorded using a thermal imaging camera.

Variothermic in action


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